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PokemonGo is the app to help us Tackle Obesity


Gamification, in order to get us healthier, is not a new concept but up until now the games have failed to lure people to exercise. Pokemon GO has it right in my opinion. The reason why this is true is that your average gamer is now 38 years old and we grew up with this game. In addition, Pokemon has also lured the younger population as well.

In addition this is exactly what I meant when I made the application for Google Glass. I tried to incorporate into it a game and I designed Eferteon into it but proved to be too challenging for its execution. In any case,  right direction for health. Below is what I had in mind in 2013.  PokemonGO WILL EVOLVE to be used with technology like GoogleGlass mark my words.

Screen Shot 2016-07-10 at 2.01.03 PM

So PokemonGo is out and people are walking searching for Pokemon everyewhere. THIS IS NOT FOR KIDS ONLY. Adults should be playing with it and even business are realizing that they can use it to monetize in certain ways. (Not getting into details on how).

For those that do not know. PokemonGo comes from collaboration between Nintendo and Niantic Labs. Niantic created incress and Pokemon is basically using data acquired from ingress to create pokestops and other landsmarks. It also shows us the way that digital data is being used. (wait till pokemon incorporates sensors). I chose team Mystic which is blue. T03swvL

I have been walking now and I am excited to see people everywhere stoked about it. Asking about their team, levels, how to lure rare pokemon. Below are a couple of guys I met at SPI.

Screen Shot 2016-07-10 at 1.55.09 PM

In addition I have also managed to get my daughter to walk with me in this hot weather 😉


Get on board now. It does not matter your age. Personally as a Cardiologist, I see myself prescribing this to my patients. NO I am not kidding! Happy Hunting

Screen Shot 2016-07-10 at 2.06.42 PM

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