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Impact of Wearable Technology will be linked to GOOD Gamification

We are finally witnessing wearables grabbing the attention of people (MDs, Patients, you name it) in order to improve health. I believe wearables have tremendous potential and will provide very important data but the the true question will be -> How to make people want to continue using the wearable?  Sales for wearables is strong, but users are abandoning them quickly after

Just to keep data will be as enticing as using the weight scale in a daily basis. I have always said Gamification is the most important “glue” for their compliance.

I believe that Augmented Reality games have the potential to get people outside once again and explore the world. Pokemon go is such an application and everything points it will come out next week. Pokemon Go comes from the collaboration of Niantic Labs with Nintendo. They are the creators of Ingress AR Game, and they have applied similar concepts to the Pokemon GO game.


Now their Pokemon GO plus is not a wearable like the fitbit but nevertheless it could motivate people to walk. In addition it will have in app purchases it seems and here is the kicker from the cardiovascular standpoint.

I hope that one day In app purchases could be done by transforming caloric burn into in app currency instead of real money.  Thus the more calories you burn the stronger your character will become.

In the past I tried to create Eferteon (2012, still a cardiology fellow), a game that focused on this concept. Secondary to demanding Medical schedule I was never able to concretize it. Maybe someone can get ideas from this and apply it. IT WILL SHOW HOW WEARABLES COULD BE USED TO MOTIVATE PEOPLE TO EXERCISE

DO NOT FOCUS ON WEARABLES FOR SICKCARE!!! FOCUS ON WEARABLES FOR HEALTH-CARE! If you focus on sick care we will wait years to see research that will contradict with each other. MEH!

IN THE CASE OF EFERTEON. I OBTAINED THE IMAGES FROM INTERNET TO ILLUSTRATE MY CONCEPT. The game was never created but it illustrates how I think that wearables have the potential to improve health by quantifying caloric effort and transforming to usable in app/game currency.




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