Why Millennials are choosing to be physician assistants, not doctors

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More and more young people are gravitating to the role of physician assistant over doctor. Several Delaware millennials cite its flexibility, condensed schooling, and cost as major reasons why they chose to become PAs. Daniel Sato/The News Journal/Wochit WILMINGTON, Del.

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CVS bans photo manipulation for store beauty brands, will place alert label on others

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CVS Health said it will ban photo manipulation on imagery for their store brand makeup. Buzz60 CVS Health Monday said it will ban photo manipulation in its store-brand makeup marketing and promotional displays, a move that acknowledges growing awareness of the harmful nature of touched-up images.

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“Diet Hacking” How I have lost 6kgs (13.22lbs) in 6 weeks & feel great.

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Before initiating this post I would like to say that this is not medical advice but just an interesting observation that I tried myself.

Most of us have heard about Atkins diet, caloric restriction, and most recently intermittent fasting.  It has been proven that all of them have been successful in particular cases.  I do not believe that there is a  one size fits all diet.  From previous experience I have noticed multiple friends, colleagues, patient’s being successful with different type of diet.


Knowing that the holidays is the time where people usually gain the most weight I decided to make some modifications to my diet before it started. Initiated approximately in December 1.

Initially I decided to start with the Atkins diet which is a low-carb diet.  After doing it for two weeks, getting past the carbohydrate with drawl phase I started feeling better and losing significant amount of weight.  Personally, I do not feel like breakfast was necessary any more so I stopped that meal.

Doing this reminded me of a recent publication that I had read regarding intermittent fasting. “Intermittent fasting promotes adipose thermogenesis and metabolic homeostasis via VEGF-mediated alternative activation of macrophage” Yes, I know, this publication was based on mice so I decided to use myself as a guinea pig.

The experiment has been ongoing  for six weeks.  Two weeks on Atkins diet which was later combined with an intermittent fasting diet, which by commonsense was also a caloric restriction diet.

In combination I ended up doing a combination of Atkins diet+ intermittent fasting+ caloric restriction.  So far I have lost 6 kg in 6 weeks. From 82kg approx. to 75. I am aiming for 73kg which was my weight at 18.

Important points and questions I have been asked

  • First of all I would like to start by saying that this is an observation on myself. This is not a diet that I would recommend on any one that is not relatively healthy since it is quite drastic.  If you want to try it I could almost guarantee that you will lose weight but you should do it under medical supervision.
  • I feel great, with energy throughout the day, to the point in which I’m still experiencing insomnia. This is a known side effect of Atkins diet.
  • My cravings for carbohydrates like cereal, bread, past, sweets have completely subsided
  • I’m still going to the gym without any problems. Lifting the same amount of weight if not more.  Important to mention I am taking wheyt protein which is low carbohydrate per serving of 3 g
  • I am not surpassing more than 16grams of carbs per day
  • It is important to drink a lot of water to avoid constipation and even more so those who do not have an adequate digestive system.
  • For those that say that breakfast is the most important meal a day it does not appear to be so in my case.
  • The window that I am eating is between 2 PM and 9 PM.

Disclaimer (aka covering myself)

Once again, I would like to clearly emphasize that this is not a medical recommendation. This is an “experiment” I am doing on myself. Even though I believe this diet has tremendous benefits I also believe that this diet could actually be dangerous on certain individuals. If  you want to try it please do your research and consult your  physician.




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Holidays are great but they can also be bad for your HEART!

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In 2004, Phillips et al, published an article in Circulation (@circaha) that found an increased mortality around Christmas and New Year. We can even appreciate a a trend upwards since Thanksgiving.

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Tokenizing real-time data – Streamr explained in 2 minutes

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Streamr CEO Henri Pihkala explains Streamr in 2 minutes.Streamr tokenises real-time data and delivers unstoppable data to unstoppable apps. For more information, visit the following links:Website: http://ift.tt/2zg6oMq: http://ift.tt/2j3XQiW: http://ift.tt/2zfYtin: https://t

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Medical VR Start-Up Gets $8.5m Funding

November 7, 2017 Leave a comment

EchoPixel, the pioneer of True 3D, an interactive Virtual Reality software solution that assists healthcare professionals in detailed interpretation of medical images, both for diagnosis and surgical planning, has closed an $8.5 million Series A financing.

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3 Ways Virtual Reality Is Transforming Medical Care

August 24, 2017 Leave a comment

Think virtual reality is just about gaming and the world of make-believe? Get real. From product design to real estate, many industries have adopted VR and related technologies— and nowhere are the benefits of VR greater than in healthcare.

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