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The COVIDEUS Snorkel-Respirator Mask

I have been looking for ways to make the Snorkel-Mask respirator, issue was most good ones required a 3D printer. After some tries I have come up with a VERY EASY, EFFICIENT and tested mask that I have come to name “COVIDEUS Snorkel Respirator Mask” and have done 3 versions in total.
Screen Shot 2020-04-08 at 5.39.14 PM.jpg
Version 1 (Original)
1″PVC Male Adapter
3/4 Female Adapter
Bacterial/Viral Filter Attachment
Epoxy Glue/ Duck Tape (optional, seals well without it but to be extra safe can be used)
Version 2
Came up with this design because some people were concerned about Dead Space. (Which in my opinion is not significant but decided to tackle this)
1″ Male Adapter
Cut it down and use epoxy to fix the Viral Filter attachment
Version 3
I came up with this one because some people needed it to be even easier. THIS IS AS simple as it gets
3/4 Female Adapter
Use Ducktape to add it to SnorkelMask
Viral Filter Adapter
THAT IS IT. Check videos and pictures.
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