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Create your own Virtual Reality Rig with Epoxy Putty and get rolling!

I have been experimenting for a while with 360 Immersive Virtual Reality. Initially I was able to try it out in the Cathlab thanks to the help from Jaunt VR. Here is the post of what we did: “Using Virtual Reality in Interventional Cardiology”

For me Virtual Reality is an exciting field that needs to be incorporated into medicine in a quicker pace. This will happen  from doctors, residents, medstudents, PAS, nurses, you name it, familiarizing with it and experiencing it.

Well in the past it was challenging to come up with your own system. Multiple cameras, a 3D printer and good luck. So I started exploring what would be the easiest way in order for everyone to be able to do it and I think I have found it

Materials Needed!

  1. 2 Modified GoPros with 2 Fisheye lenses
  2. Your hands and Epoxy Putty… Yes YOU BECOME THE 3D PRINTER 😉

Yes there is a little more to it but if you are enthusiastic like I am you will be able to create some pretty AWESOME stuff. Stay tuned and you will see!

Here are some Pics

I) After mixing the SteelStick and molding it.

II) I created a top and bottom base but soon realized I did not have to. A bottom base is enough. Ye ye ye it does not look pretty but it WORKS!20150814_131810

III) This is as minimalistic as it gets and works like a charm.Rig

Click on the Image below and you will get a feel of what you can do!

Screen Shot 2015-08-14 at 1.38.19 PMCheers!


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