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The 15 Smartphone Apps your Doctor Should be Prescribing

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Every time you go to the doctor you will hear the same thing. Lifestyle modifications. Doctors are supposed to encourage you to become healthier, eat better, sleep better and exercise more. Stop smoking etc.

This words or sentences are extremely easy for your doctor to say them, but, difficult to follow, extremely difficult in some cases.

Even doctors, colleagues of mine do not follow them. Yet, they HAVE THE AUDACITY to tell the patient to follow them? BAAAHH Simply ridiculous in my opinion.

Who am I to talk? Well I exercise as much as I can  during the week. If time is an issue I will at least take 15 minutes of my day to do an ab workout routine and always, I MEAN ALWAYS eat healthy. I would rather skip a meal than eat junk food. It is no longer a routine but a lifestyle, a lifestyle I chose to adopt many years ago.  I want to be in the best shape possible not only for me but for my family. With this apps I will try to help you adopt such a lifestyle.  If you have questions, doubts or concerns feel free to shoot me a tweet at @christianassad. I will be more than happy to try and help you succeed!

With this issue I have made a list of 15 apps that either I have used or friends have used to get healthier.  The apps are in 3 categories. Healthy Eating , Exercise and Sleep Routine and they are as follows;

Some are free, and some cost 3-4 USD. In any case they are all great and this issue will save you time since there are thousands of applications in this field. This recommendations are based from my personal experience or friends of mine. Hope you enjoy them.
Healthy Eating
1) Fooducate
2) Calorie Counter – Myfitnesspal
3) Restaurant Nutrition
4) LoseIt
5) Smoothieselector
6) Whole Food Recipe Maker
Exercise Better
1) Runkeeper
3) Nike Training Club
4) Nexercise
5) Endomondo
Sleep Routine
1) Sleep Bug
2) Sleep Cyle
4) Deep sleep

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