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A Tattoo that has your Medical Record?

No, this is not a Rorschach test. What you are seeing here is a QR Code which is the abbreviation of Quick Response Code.  A QR code is the “cousin” of the barcode we all know. Originally it was designed to track parts in the vehicle manufacturing scenario but smartphones have found a whole different use for this “mutated” barcodes. While a bar code can only hold 20 numerical digits a QR code is a two dimensional matrix barcode which can hold thousands of characters. Therefore they become more useful to people since they can practically link any information to a QR Code.

Anyone who wants, can create his/her own QR Code with any given information he would like to share. People as well as businesses can share Webpages, Contact Information, Business information, etc.  you name it.

An interesting phenomenon is happening among young people which I have been witnessing more and more and that is QR Tattoos. At first it sounds like another weird way to grab attention but it has the potential to be another option to have your medical record always with you in my opinion.  Creating a QR Code is simple. Just google “make QR code” and you’ll find several options, free and those with a price tag.  Your QR Code has the potential to share any type of information, so why not a medical record? No such thing exists or at least that I am aware of, but,  in a near future,  with a little work, you could practically link your QR code to your medical record. With little imagination you can see how useful this could be and even how a tattoo could save your life.

For those of us that do not like tattoos maybe this could change our mind 😉

Anyways just food for thought!

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