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Patients should Exercise 5 times per week. How about you, Doctor?

     As usual, many of my post Ideas occur when I am rounding in the hospital. Today was no different.

Went in Mr. (X)’s room and we started talking about his blood pressure control. He told me he was taking all of his medications. Half way through our conversation he told me “I have to be honest Doc, I did not follow my PCP’s recommendation 100%”. I asked what did he mean with this and he replied  “ I have not been working out 5 times per week”. I answered laughing “ More than 50% of the doctors I know don’t work out at all”.

As a Doctor, I know this is challenging and even more so with our hectic schedule, but there is something I strongly believe and that is -> PRACTICE WHAT YOU PREACH. How can a doctor tell a patient to lose weight, do exercise, and follow a diet when he does not do so himself?

This got me starting another SoMe Experiment; I called it the MOVEYOURGLUTE Experiment. So today  I started. The first thing I  tried  was to get my colleagues to run with me, get them to exercise, lose weight, eat better, etc.

    So while walking in the hospital and saw someone, I explained briefly and tried to make them exercise today with me and start a routine.

I share with you the initial Responses I got:

–          5/40 approximately said -> Count me in.    12% will run with me today

The Rest

–          “Naa I exercise already” (I wanted to respond “ I do not see how”  but well who am I to judge) I insisted a little more did not work
–          “My back hurts”
–          “My feet hurt after I run”
–          “I have little free time and I would rather relax and watch TV”
–          “I want to sleep more than I want to exercise”

All valid points, but we have to remember this is exactly how our patients feel. So how do WE change? How do WE modify these feelings? How can WE get a patient to follow an exercise routine, a diet, when most of us have difficulty doing so?

We as physicians have to understand the implication of telling them what working out 5 days per week means. Want to cut it short? How about 3 days?

Today I start the #Moveyourglute Experiment. Speaking with nurses, medical students, residents, fellows, faculty and trying to make them exercise.  Today some could understand the implication and discipline it takes to work 3 days a week, or 5 days a week and hopefully pass the knowledge to their  patients.

Thanks for Reading and do not forget to MOVEYOURGLUTE 😉

Update: Went running with 3/5 out of the 40 that I asked. Total of 4 miles and excellent experience.  The rest of my colleagues, well guess they were NON-COMPLIANT with my recommendation ;). Tomorrow will be another day

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  1. June 15, 2011 at 3:57 am

    Good Work Christian. Id be interested to see if you can also convince your colleagues to increase their unstructured physical activity and ultimately measure it in terms of body adiposity index.

    Let me know how it goes, and see if you can use a social tool to peer pressure your colleagues into making some positive changes.



    • June 15, 2011 at 4:27 am

      Today was the second day. As usual people made a little fun of me but I never care. So Monday was the first day and we went out running. Only 3 people showed up. Today I asked around what people wanted 8 people showed up to play Beach Soccer. They started liking the idea. As word spreads around so will the people getting involved and hopefully I can make a difference.

      So far 55 people have joined the group in 2 days.

      In the future I may incorporate incentives and prizes, so far speaking with companies which are loving the idea and I might get grants to help motivate people if Exercise is just not enough. Ill keep you posted but so far so good! Did you MoveYourGlute today my friend? 😉 Right now it is just a facebook group which you can join (www.facebook.com/moveyourglute) official website under construction

  1. December 3, 2011 at 1:37 pm

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