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Unleashing the power of Telemedicine by democratizing Healthcare

September 17, 2014 Leave a comment

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Exponential technologies are disrupting every profession, changing the way companies and businesses function, making everything more efficient through constant inter-activity. It is time for this trend to take hold of medicine as a whole. It is time for a change.

Curely is the first tele-health marketplace developed by a co-founding team united through Singularity University. Curely empowers doctors to find and meet consumers around the world and expand their practice and income. For consumers, Curely helps them find clarity to their everyday health questions by placing them in the driver’s seat and allowing them to choose the doctor and set their own price via an innovative reverse-auction system.


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Telemedicine is expected to rise 68% by 2015 yet many doctors do not feel comfortable using online platforms due to several reasons. Curely is here to catalyze this process and create the most productive and efficient interaction between doctor and patients. This will work by a concept that will evolve from a doctor educating patients to possibly opening an online clinic in the Curely Platform in a near future.

To get the iOS app click on the images below to go to the itunes store.

Link for Consumers (click on image)               Link for Doctors  (click on image)    

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If you are an MD and would like to be added to our beta-list please send a tweet to @CurelyMD


Protected: Qurely grants you the opportunity to experience the tranquility of having a family doctor friend available 24/7

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