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Scientists use 3D printing to make artificial blood vessels

May 31, 2014 Leave a comment

The tangled highway of blood vessels that twists and turns inside our bodies, delivering essential nutrients and disposing of hazardous waste to keep our organs working properly has been a conundrum for scientists trying to make artificial vessels from scratch.

Trust your doctor, not Wikipedia, say scientists

May 27, 2014 Leave a comment

Wikipedia, the online encyclopaedia, contains errors in nine out of 10 of its health entries, and should be treated with caution, a study has said. Scientists in the US compared entries about conditions such as heart disease, lung cancer, depression and diabetes with peer-reviewed medical research.

We Will End Disability by Becoming Cyborgs

May 27, 2014 Leave a comment

Hugh Herr is a living exemplar of the maxim that the best way to predict the future is to invent it. At the age of 17, Herr was already an accomplished mountaineer, but during an ice-climbing expedition he lost his way in a blizzard and was stranded on a mountainside for three days.

All The Ways Nanotech Could Fix Our Bodies In The Future

May 27, 2014 Leave a comment

The nano-scale holds a lot of promise for fixing human defects. From nano-particles that transport drugs to the brain and the inner ear, to biosensor implants that track vital signs and deliver drugs, nanotechnology’s potential medical uses are limitless.

Real-Time Touch-Free Gesture Control System for Image Browsing in The OR

May 27, 2014 Leave a comment

Touch-free gesture control can have a lot of benefits for surgeons wanting to manipulate radiological images or surgical plans that were prepared prior to a procedure.

Data Mining Reddit Posts Reveals How to Ask For a Favor–And Get it

May 27, 2014 Leave a comment

One of the more extraordinary phenomena on the internet is the rise of altruism and of websites designed to enable it. The Random Acts of Pizza section of the Reddit website is a good example. People leave messages asking for pizza which others fulfil if they find the story compelling.

Suspended Animation Human Trials About to Begin

May 27, 2014 Leave a comment

With traumatic injuries, timing in treatment can be the difference between life and death.

The MacGyver Cure for Cancer

May 26, 2014 Leave a comment

Two decades ago, David Walmer went on a volunteer mission with his church to Haiti.

My No-Soap, No-Shampoo, Bacteria-Rich Hygiene Experiment

May 26, 2014 Leave a comment

For most of my life, if I’ve thought at all about the bacteria living on my skin, it has been while trying to scrub them away. But recently I spent four weeks rubbing them in. I was Subject 26 in testing a living bacterial skin tonic, developed by AOBiome, a biotech start-up in Cambridge, Mass.

Will 2014 be the year of telehealth?

May 26, 2014 Leave a comment

Telehealth offers a cost-efficient way to improve the lives of those suffering from ill health, and it’s not just for older people. Rob Brougham, head of connected solutions at BT Global Government and Health explains. The UK’s health services today face big challenges on a number of fronts.