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The Nemecheck Protocol Summary

This is a summary of  THE NEMECHEK PROTOCOL FOR AUTISM AND DEVELOPMENTAL DISORDERS: A How-To Guide For Restoring Neurological Function 1.0 Edition by Dr. Patrick M. Nemechek D.O. , Jean R. Nemechek J.D.

By no means is this supposed to be considered medical advice and if implementing should be done ideally under the supervision of a physician. This post is just for EDUCATIONAL purposes.Screen Shot 2019-03-14 at 9.33.32 PM.jpg

Inulin (derived from agave, chicory root, Jerusalem Artichoke) Can cause some cramping or GI issues, if such is the case stop for 1 week, resume lower dose. If unable to tolerate inulin Rifaximin (Antibiotic) can be used but this needs prescription from MD

  1. Children 10 years or younger
    1. Inulin prebiotic Powder is inexpensive it is odorless and tasteless. May be taken with or without food, can be mixed with hot or cold solids or it may be added to hot or cold liquids.
      1. 1/8 to ½ of teaspoon (daily or twice a day)
      2. Maximum dose recommended by author is 2 teaspoons in >10 years. No added benefit from higher dosages than this
    2. Also comes in Gummies (2 gummies per day appear to be sufficient)
      1. Fiber Choice Gummies
      2. Phillips Gummies
      3. Fiber Good Gummies
    3. Children older than 10 Years
      1. Rifaximin is preferred 550mg BID for 10 days


  1. 3 Typed of Omega-3 Fatty Acids (all important but in this case DHA is the focus) Author Recommends NOW brand and Nordic Naturals. In case not available Cod liver oil also works and is dosed in the same manner. (LOOK AT DOSING TABLE BELOW) If you live in Mexico -> https://www.lysimexico.com/  There are different presentations.
  1. DHA-Docosahecaenoic acid. THIS IS THE IMPORTANT ONE
    1. DHA is the only omega-3 that penetrates the brain to any great extent
  2. EPA-Eicos-apentaenoic acid
  • ALA-Alpha-linolenic acid: usually for adults Age 18 or older if not don’t worry about it: nuts (dry-roasted), flax or ground chia seeds. ¼ of a Cup of Nuts per day. (Almonds, Pecans, pistachios, cashews and walnuts)



Screen Shot 2019-03-14 at 9.08.04 PM.jpg

  1. Extra Virgin Olive Oil (EVOO) cook with
    1. Many fake olive oil. Recommendation is to get only certified by http://www.cooc.com
    2. After age 5 author recommends supplementation
      1. Age 5-10 years consume ½ tablespoon a day
      2. Age 11-18 years, consume 1 Tablespoon per day
  • Age 19 years and older, consume 2 Tablespoons per day
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